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In days of old life lessons were taught through myth and legend. Stories and songs told of mighty powers of day and night and the dim dusk between them. Runic Films is a production and entertainment company developing original properties that uphold these traditions of old by utilizing the tools of the new. » learn more

by Runic Press
Announcing Hashtag's first convention panel at Dragon Con, with cast, crew, and world premiere of the film trailer.
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by Runic Press
Runic Films releases the first visuals from Hashtag: A visual effects demonstration by Anibrain, the leading effects studio in India.
by Runic Press
Justin Richards MBCS talks to Runic Films' Ben Alpi and Filmcell International's Andrew Dymond about visual effects and technology in the film industry.
by Ben Alpi
The blog returns! Ben Alpi and Rick Arthur are back with a double blind, double shot review of Marvel's Captain America Civil War. Join them and Redefine Modern Myth!