To save his ladylove, a young cowboy must stand against a criminal’s deadly vengeance.

Limey’s shot the Sheriff! In the wilds outside of the Gold Rush city of San Francisco, there’s one lawman for every fifty men of ill repute. One train robber, a British exile nicknamed ‘Limey,’ has just put two bullets in Sheriff Eli.

Young Phineas Creed rides his steed through the night hoping he’s not too late. Phineas burst into a makeshift medical tent to find Sheriff Eli in agony. Phineas vows vengeance on Limey but his mentor stops him. The Sheriff tells Phineas that Limey has taken his daughter, Greta. He pulls off his badge, gives it to Phineas, and with his dying breath, he tells Phineas how to find Limey.

Ride with Phineas as he and his faithful steed Adair gallop to save Greta, his ladylove!

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Cowboy Creed is a short film Western-with-a-twist written by our Ben Alpi. Dubbed a “mini epic,” this period piece features classic Western elements and grand vistas, horses, six-shooters, and fisticuffs. Cowboy Creed is taken from of a larger, feature-length film we’re developing here at Runic Films. Similar in tone and purpose of the short film, the feature expands greatly on Phineas’ search for his place in a tough post-California Gold Rush world.

STATUS: Completed
Writer/Director: Ben Alpi
Producer: J.T. Tepnapa

Kendall Wells
John Carrigan
Tara Platt
Anthony De Longis
Doug Drexler
Leandro Cano
Wayne Webb
Peter Sherayko
Tellier Killaby
Mary De Longis
Mel Turner

Director of Photography: David Berry
Executive Producers: Charlotte Fullerton and Jyotika Virmani
Associate Producers: Carlos Pedraza and
Robert A. Alpi, Jr
1st Assistant Director: Mike Drobinski
Script Supervisor: Rhona Rubio
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jo’l Bellucci
Unit Production Manager: Tellier Killaby

Composer: Joe Terrana
Production Designer: Meg Savage
Editor: Jeff Handy
Supervising Sound Editor: Ralph M. Miller
Production Sound Mixer: Erik “Gooch” Goodrich
Costume Designer: Catherine Elhoffer
Costume Supervisor: Kelsey Morgan
Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Carol Crouse

1st Assistant Camera: Jenn Gittings
1st Assistant Camera: Taryn Roraback
2nd Assistant Camera: Marissa Deal
Gaffer: Gabriel Malikian
Key Grip: Justin “Chuck” Lewis
Best Boy Grip: Drew Valenti
Best Boy Electric: John Mijares

Horse Wranglers: David Baker and Sara Warner
Documentarian: Pony Horton
Poster Artwork by: Scott Deyett
Pre-production Artwork by: Rick Arthur

Produced by Runic Films and Blue Seraph Productions

A Special Thanks to all the Backers of Cowboy Creed!

  Kasey Shafsky   William Hogarth
  Rick Pike   Rick Arthur
  Cynthia Lin   Charles Brewer
  Alan Batie   Ben Insler
  Parker Nolen   Jeff Handy
  Thomas Mercer   Steve Lettieri
Matthew Haas   Scott Hamilton
  Bob Alpi   Verina Martin
  Jana & Neal Hallford   Jenn Whinnem
  Karen & Edward Morgan   Thor Goodrich
  Mark Strock   Molly McLaughlin
  Jim Van Over   RIP “Wombat” Jan Howard Finder
  Lizz Singh Linda Cleveland
  Robert Mitchell   Jenny Lynn Hall
  Sharon Handy   Myles Cole
  Jennifer Smith   Heather Henkel & Trent Faust
Carol Crouse Rich Zellich
  Joy E. Reed   Douglas S. Caprette
  Jeffrey & Gayla Jacquin   Bryan McCloskey
  Charles Parilla & Jay Sebring   Dinah Miller
  Joel Bellucci Carlton Vogt
  Michelle Kitzmiller   Ray Ortali
  Carissa Jock   Michael J. Camoin
  Anne Carrigan   John Holser
  Brian Q. Kelley   Jeff Donovan
Dan Clark   R.A. Snyder
  Erinn Thompson   Kevin Rubio
  Christopher Schiller   Jack Trevino
  Doug Drexler   Greta Klungness
  Brian Hart   Cory Diaz
  Dorothy Duder   Robert & Cindy Weisberg
  Laurie Ryan   Deke Kincaid
  Johanna Antar    


This mini epic was photographed entirely on S16mm film.

Costumes and Props provided by Caravan West Productions, Agua Dulce, CA

Camera Equipment provided by Hollywood Camera, Burbank, CA

Lighting Equipment provided by Flickersound, Burbank, CA and Bayonet Lighting, Los Angeles, CA

Photographed on FujiFilm

Film Developing and Telecine provided by FotoKem, Burbank, CA

Digital transfer provided by Alpha Dogs, Burbank, CA

Horses provided by Rancho Indalo, Canyon Country, CA