Alpi/Arthur: ‘Secret’ Blog Project Close to Launch

LOS ANGELES, Runic Films director-producer Ben Alpi and writer-illustrator Rick Arthur are preparing to announce the launch of their new collaborative blog project. Details including the title, subject and theme of the project are still under wraps. When asked to comment, Arthur replied, “Ben and I started working on material that was never intended for a blog more than three years ago. We have collected, edited and poked at it and are poised to set it free.”


Alpi adds, “The blog is really a discussion that has had a huge effect on how we view storytelling in our current age.” The creative pair promises that the blog will dig deep into its subject matter yet have a light, conversational tone unique to them. A Facebook page and Twitter feed are scheduled to accompany the ‘secret’ project when a launch date is set.


Arthur added, “I think you will be struck by what we have come up with. We are debugging the site now and it will be ready for the ribbon cutting very soon.”


The blog is sponsored by Runic Films, a production and entertainment company developing original properties for Web, film and television located in Los Angeles.

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