Cowboy Creed Kickstarter Successful! Makers ‘Quest’ to Shoot on Film

Cowboy Creed The Quest for Film!Yeehoo! “We surpassed our Cowboy Creed Kickstarter goal— all thanks to our generous backers!” Many thanks go out to all of you! It’s not over yet though!


With Thursday and Friday remaining in our campaign, we have time to continue to raise funding. With the pledges from our current backers we can afford to make the movie in large part, but there is one element we still cannot afford: FILM. When David (Berry) and I first talked about the look of Cowboy Creed, we agreed that we’d love to shoot on 16mm film to capture that legendary look of a Western. Since then, we’ve researched and tested and have found that film, with its rough, organic texture tells us, ‘Yessir, that there’s a Western. The nick or rub is, film is indeed expensive– upwards of $1000 a day.! Our new goal– or should I say, our new QUEST is to raise enough funds to film our film… on film!  It would be amazing if we can continue to raise funds though our Kickstarter to help take our film to the next level. Are you with us?


Sweet Backer Rewards await you!  Let’s make some Western movie magic… on film!  Our Cowboy Creed Kickstarter ends Friday, October 28th at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific.


Thanks again, pardners!
Ben, JT, David and the whole Cowboy Creed posse!

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