“Hashtag” Filming Begins, Simone Alex Joins Cast



LOS ANGELES, Calif., Filming has begun! At an undisclosed location deep in the heart of Hollywood, Runic Films and Little Empire Production’s Hashtag science fiction short film has started filming. The film is being directed and was co-written by Ben Alpi, produced by Jyotika Virmani, and stars Gigi Edgley.


“Many thanks to the amazing team there who are working with us to make this happen. Hashtag is beginning to take shape!” says Jyotika Virmani, the producer of Hashtag.


Simone AlexThe cast and crew comprise of over 35 individuals including stars Gigi Edgley and Erryn Arkin as well as a new addition. Joining the cast of Hashtag is the lovely and talented Simone Alex. Find out more about Simone on her website, http://www.simonealex.com.


“Everything is going very well so far. Everyone is prepped and ready. I’m really excited to finally see all the pieces coming together,” added Ben Alpi, director.


All hands on deck! Joining Ben on set will be production designer Meg Savage, cinematographer David Berry, visual effects supervisor Deke Kincaid, art director Steve Karman, editor Jeff Handy, composer Joe Terrana, and line producer Erik “Gooch” Goodrich.


Jyotika said, “We’ll also have three of our ‘Invite Level’ Kickstarter Backers join us on Saturday to check out movie-making in action!”


Hashtag was successfully funded on Kickstarter.com in December 2014 and begins principle photography later this month. The film is a though-provoking science fiction short starring Gigi Edgley from co-writer/director Ben Alpi, producer Jyotika Virmani and co-writer Kevin Rubio. Hashtag is a co-production of Runic Films and Little Empire Productions.


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Runic Films is a Los Angeles-based film production and entertainment company developing original properties for film and television. Runic was founded in 2001 and is dedicated to upholding the traditions of mythic storytelling. Runic Films harnesses cutting-edge technology and visual effects to create amazing worlds for dramatic tales grounded in humanity.


Gigi and Jake Edgley are the co-founders of Little Empire Productions. They have been certain every step of the way to create music, comic books and films that enlighten, intrigue and rock your world. They are internationally based as Jake is currently located in Australia and Gigi resides in Los Angeles. Little Empire Productions mission is to devise creations straight from the heart and soul.


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