Kevin Rubio’s New ‘Star Wars’ Parody

Now with over 100,000 views! Hashtag co-writer and Star Wars parody master Kevin Rubio with the help of Shant Jordan and Synaptic Studios have released a mash-up of two films you wouldn’t expect. Star Wars and…


I helped out in the effort by creating the new title crawl and blended it into the visual effects footage. It’s probably the best known opening titles in cinema, so I was glad to pitch in. Waste no time, check out the video below!


This isn’t the first time Kevin and Shant joined up to poke some fun at the venerable Star Wars franchise. If you didn’t know, Kevin Rubio and a small band of rebels created one of the first fan films ever to go viral, the Star Wars/COPS mash-up TROOPS. Complete with Fargo-accented Stormtroopers and full visual effects, the pre-Youtube mockumentary was shared via files around the world. I was at college for visual effects at the time and as I collected the four file set, I never thought I’d meet several of the makers ten years later. Please enjoy!


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