Meeting Cowboy Creed’s Composer Joseph Terrana

As announced on our Kickstarter campaign, Florida-based composer Joseph Terrana will be scoring Cowboy Creed and performing much of the music.


Ben said about the score, “Cowboy Creed is really a blend of world elements. The Gold Rush brought folks from all over and I really want the music to reflect that. I didn’t honestly know if I’d be able to find someone when I asked ‘Well, I’m looking for Western meets Asian meets Native American’ and one of my very good friends replied ‘I know just the man!'”


Joe Terrana studied music at the University of North Florida and after graduating was awarded artist grants from the Pinellas County Arts Council for recording and composition. He plays numerous flutes and whistles, erhu, piano, dizi, sitar, saxophone and various other instruments.


“When Ben approached me about doing music for the film with Celtic, Chinese and Native American influences, I said ‘You know, I could absolutely do that!’ And let me tell you how much fun it is to get all those spices to blend just right,” Joe added. “It’s like a musical gumbo!”


Joe Terrana with The Gita
Joe Terrana & Joran Slane Oppelt in The Gita.

Joe continues to be an active performer in the Tampa Bay area and in the past has won Best of the Bay People’s Choice as best instrumentalist. His various projects have performed with artists such as Men at Work, Alana Davis and The Chieftains.


“Joe’s created the music for our Kickstarter campaign which really started as a sketch called ‘A Cowboy in Beijing.’ When I first heard his erhu (Chinese violin) I said ‘I’ve never heard an erhu sound like that!’ It was haunting and mixed with drums, guitars and flutes, it’s exactly the unique blend we need in Cowboy Creed,” Ben said.


To hear a touch of Joseph’s music as well as a tune from Cuban Sandwich Crisis, check out our Cowboy Creed Kickstarter video at:


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Cowboy Creed is a Western short film from writer/director Ben Alpi, producer JT Tepnapa and Cinematographer David Berry. It’s a co-production of Runic Films and Blue Seraph Productions.


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