Phineas Found! Actor Kendall Wells Joins ‘Cowboy Creed’

Actor Kendall WellsFrom the director’s apple box?


All of us here at Runic Films and Blue Seraph Productions are proud to announce that we have found our Phineas Creed, actor and martial artist Kendall Wells! Kendall will play the young lead who sets out to save his lady love in our upcoming Western short film Cowboy Creed.


I can’t tell you how thrilled we are pardners! Kendall is another rare case of actor-warrior. His mentor Anthony De Longis, who plays Sheriff Eli, encouraged JT and I to look him up and we’re glad he did! Who better to play the prot’g? of Sheriff Eli than the prot’g? of actor and fight master Anthony De Longis?


On the screen, Kendall was a weapons expert on SpikeTV’s Deadliest Warrior, the lead in two episodes of 3Nets new 3D mini-series Scary Tales and co-starred in an episode of TNT’s Leverage. On the stage, he played the title role in Blue Monkey’s production of Robin Hood. In Northwest Classical Theatre Company’s Macbeth, Kendall played both “MacDuffe” (select performances) and “Seyton” for which he won a Drammy for fight choreography. He also worked as an action performer in LA Opera’s recent production Romeo et Juliette, directed by Ian Judge and conducted by one of the most famous names in world opera, Pl’cido Domingo. Kendall also stars alongside Anthony in an award-winning Western short film series Blood Trail, written by the pair and directed by Mr. De Longis. Their production company Palpable Hit Productions is currently raising funds via IndieGoGo HERE for part three in their trilogy entitled Trail’s End.


Kendall Wells“When Anthony first told me about the film, I was immediately interested. And after meeting with Ben and JT, I felt we were on the same wavelength and that we could do good things with the character,”Kendall writes.


Kendall’s acting started at the Iowa Performing Arts Conservatory, a program founded and sponsored by Hawthorne Direct and Actor’s Playhouse teacher Jennie Lee. In addition to acting, Kendall is a Certified Teacher of De Longis Combative & Performance Arts specializing in empty-hand combat, sword, knife, whip, stick, staff including when he’s mounted on horseback. If he’s starting to sound like a silver screen actor of years gone by, he is! We consider ourselves lucky to have such skilled performers in Kendall, John Carrigan, Tara Platt, Anthony De Longis and Doug Drexler as well as a fantastic crew!


“I’m very excited to be working on Cowboy Creed. The role of Phineas is one of great depth and subtlety and a lot of physicality?my favorite!”


Thanks Kendall! I cannot wait to watch Phineas walk in front of the lens!


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Cowboy Creed is a Western short film from writer/director Ben Alpi, producer JT Tepnapa and Cinematographer David Berry. It’s a co-production of Runic Films and Blue Seraph Productions.


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