The return of a veteran’s high school sweetheart reveals an underground war.


STATUS: In Development


Codename: Avilion is the first feature-length film to be adapted from Robert A. Alpi, Jr’s forthcoming Sunrise Over Avilion adventure novel series and is being developed at Runic Films by brothers Ben and Robert. It’s an incredible, epic story following the exploits of Tony, a semi-retired soldier, and his best friend Sean, a pair of adventurers-for-hire. Living in a relaxing Southern seaside town, the waters have calmed until their newest client turns out to be Tony’s old flame, the two-timing Beckie. This beat of a butterfly’s wings leads Tony’s enemies to him and blows into a terrible storm, a war that’s been held back for centuries breaks wide open.


The film is currently in development at Runic Films. Contact Runic today for more information!