Runic Films Announces March 7 Release for ‘Cowboy Creed’ Short



LOS ANGELES, Runic Films and Blue Seraph Productions have announced that their “mini epic” short film Cowboy Creed will be released on www.localhost/runic/ on Friday, March 7th. The short Western film recently completed its festival run with two award nominations at the Action on Film Festival; for Best Western Short Film and Anthony De Longis (Sheriff Eli) was nominated for Best Supporting Role in a Short Film.


The trailer for the film can be seen here.


A Western action-adventure written and directed by Ben Alpi, Cowboy Creed tells the tale of Phineas Creed, a young cowboy trying to find his place in a post-Gold Rush world. When the international criminal “Limey” kidnaps his ladylove Miss Graves, Phineas faces the most harrowing showdown of his life. The film stars Kendall Wells, John Carrigan, Tara Platt, and Anthony De Longis, with Leandro Cano, Wayne Webb, Tellier Killaby, and Doug Drexler. The film’s producer was J.T. Tepnapa with cinematographer Dave Berry, production designer Meg Savage, costumes by Catherine Elhoffer, editor Jeff Handy, and the music was composed and performed by Joe Terrana.


“I’m really glad to be launching the film via Vimeo,” said writer-director Ben Alpi. “It’s the culmination of over two years of work by over 45 individuals. I can’t wait to let it loose on the world [laughs].”


Kickstarter Backers, who backed half of the project’s budget, were rewarded for their support with signed DVDs, posters, pre-production sketchbook and more. Ben added, “We put a lot of time and effort into the rewards because our Backers believed in us and we feel they deserve darn cool stuff in return. Working with Rick Arthur on the sketchbook and Scott Deyett on the poster was really wonderful. Pony Horton did a great job on the Behind-the-Scenes [on the DVD] and Jyotika Virmani was a huge help coordinating our rewards efforts. I really couldn’t have asked for more with this crew and cast.”


About Runic Films’ next projects, Ben commented, “We have some really great stuff cooking here. We’ll have details soon about our next project including a Kickstarter.”


Tune in to on Friday, March 7th!



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Bob Alpi, 818-588-6880


Runic Films is an Los Angeles-based film production and entertainment company dedicated to upholding the traditions of mythic storytelling.


Blue Seraph Productions is a Los Angeles production company. Their previous work has been featured in the New York Times, BBC, Variety, Frontiers, Fab magazine, the Today Show, MSNBC, and other international news outlets.

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