Ben & Rick Return to the Blog for Captain America: Civil War Review

Captain America Civil WarThe Captain America! Redefining Modern Myth blog returns! Rick and Ben are back with independent reviews and analysis of Marvel’s latest film Captain America: Civil War. Check out Ben Alpi and Rick Arthur’s unique double blind, double shot movie review!


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Myth Blog Celebrates Second Anniversary

Ben and Rick are back! Their Captain America! Redefining Modern Myth blog officially began on February 4, 2011. Three years in the making, the blog features a series of personal emails between the pair which started out asking the question: If they were to be asked to bring Captain America, a character with 70 years of history, to the big screen, how would they do it?  They explored the character, his creators and the life and times of the WWII era as well as the foundations of storytelling and character.  The blog also featured many portions of scripts and vignettes Ben and Rick were inspired to write by their communications.


“We certainly never expected to make our conversions public, but when we looked at all the great material we had collected and created, we started talking about doing more with it,” explains Ben.


Rick adds, “Every time I would send something to Ben, he would come back with amazing and unexpected insights. His script at the start of the blog, Captain America: A Beginning is worth the price of admission alone.” The blog also features illustrations and collages on almost every post created by Rick specially for the posts they appear in.  Ben also contributed graphics on a few of the posts.


The “Emails” series ran for six months totaling close to eighty entries.  “I wish we could have recorded our phone calls as well. They were pretty epic,” Ben adds. “Rick’s passion for not only the material, but also good storytelling is something not to be kept under wraps. ” We’ve considered doing podcasts which I think would be fantastic, but time has been tight for both of us.”


“The Myth Discussion blog stands on its own and is so chock full of detail that I am finding new ideas even after six or seven readings. Compelling,” says Rick.


Also featured on the blog were “double” reviews of superhero films which were released over the run including ?THOR,?X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, and of course CAPTAIN AMERICA: FIRST AVENGER. Rick and Ben wrote independent reviews of the films and didn’t get to read the other’s until it was posted.  The dynamic duo admits it was funny how similar their reviews ended up being fundamentally, but how different they were in many respects as well. Rick also wrote an excellent review of another Marvel hit, THE AVENGERS.


Rick and Ben both speak about the enjoyment they derived from collaborating on the blog.  On the subject Ben says, “I miss working with Rick a lot and I really hope we can team up again soon.  He’s one of the most creative fellows I know and an excellent collaborator. It was great to do the anniversary post with him again. Looking back on the last one we wrote, wow what a difference!”


Rick has moved to New Mexico and has added teaching to his many hats. Ben has gotten married and completed the short film, Cowboy Creed. For more check the blog!


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Myth Blog Features Captain America Movie Review

The Captain America: First Avenger movie opened in theaters to a strong $65 million dollar weekend. Writer/cartoonist Rick Arthur viewed the film in Central New York and film producer/director Ben Alpi caught a screening in Los Angeles. In the tradition of movie reviews done for the Captain America! Redefining Modern Myth blog such as THOR and X-Men: First Class, the writing team produced two separate, non-collaborative reviews. Neither know what the other would write. Taken together, they form a complex analysis of the Cap film.


The reviews are posted and readers are invited to dive in at:


The Cap reviews come closely on the heels of a highly successful five-part Red Skull series detailing the final conflict between Cap and Red Skull. This marks the end of almost four years of writing between the blog team and presents one possible outcome for a screenplay based on their writings.


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One final note: Runic Films wishes to thank all the readers who tuned into the blog and made it successful. Visit any time:

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Cap! Blog Reviews ‘X-Men: First Class’

Los Angeles-based, Runic Films, an independent film production company, congratulates filmmaker Ben Alpi and comic artist Rick Arthur for their blog Captain America! Redefining Modern Myth which continues like a juggernaut to break their own records for greatest number of single day page views, greatest single monthly page views and greatest recorded single all-time number of views of a post.

“The growth is explosive and exciting,” said Alpi before adding that his creative partnership with fellow blogger Arthur allowed for experimentation and constant tinkering.

“Watching the numbers climb is amazing. We are doing in two days now what we would get in ten days a short time ago,” Arthur said.

They noted that the” Captain America! Redefining Modern Myth” blog currently draws an audience from over 18 countries to read the three fresh posts that come out every week.?

Runic Films schedules new posts three times each week and can be accessed either on the blog site, on the Facebook companion page or Twitter. Do not miss a post and find out what a real Cap movie character could be all about. All posts are easily accessible and many readers like to start at the beginning or with favorite topics.

Alpi and Arthur discuss Captain America from all angles as a character for film and readers have responded strongly to a “THOR” double feature film review, three “Avengers” posts and a new movie review? “double shot” onX-Men: First Class. Not surprisingly anything with the Red Skull also draws a lot of interest according to Alpi.

The main goal of this series is craft a character for a two hour feature film and the topics go from WWII, comics, movies, Nazis, patriotism, Pearl Harbor, “Simon and Kirby” and much more. Additional Non-Continuity posts are under wraps at Runic Films.

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