‘Hashtag’ Moves into Post Production

‘Hashtag’ Moves into Post Production

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Hello friends!


Director Ben here with an update on Hashtag. Good gosh golly have we been busy!


Pre-production… DONE!
Principle Photography… DONE!
Rough Cut… DONE!
Editing… UNDERWAY!


Thanks to a wonderful cast, an awesome crew, and the the support of our intrepid Backers, we completed Hashtag principle photography on March 12th! Filming took place on two fabulous stages, IllusionLuka Studios in Burbank, and Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. Our first four days at IllusionLuka were February 19-22 and then at Gnomon March 12th. Gigi Edgley, Erryn Arkin, and Simone Alex were joined by Todd Tucker, Michael Anthony, and Lucas Bessey for cameo appearances. We also had some awesome background actors including our composer Joe Terrana and his wife Linae.


Hashtag Backers On Set


It was also great to meet our Invite Level Backers on the set! They met the crew and cast of Hashtag, had lunch with Gigi, Jyotika and myself, and saw the filmmaking process first hand.


And now, the long road ahead! We have completed a rough cut of the film and are now working to refine it. Once the edit is complete, it’s onward to visual effects, motion graphics, ADR/looping, sound design and editing, music, and color correction. I must note that this process will take time! We want to make the best film possible and this is a complex science fiction project with several layers and elements. That means the coordination of many parts and people to harmonize into a most excellent chorus. Be steadfast! Once we’ve completed the film, there are several more processes to complete including converting the film to different formats, authoring the DVD and Blu-ray, editing the special features, and creating all the remaining Backer rewards of awesome!


Thank you very much again to our cast, crew, Backers, and supporters! Off we go!


Director, Hashtag


Hashtag Day 4 Selfie
One more on-set selfie: Deke Kincaid, Ben Alpi, Jyotika Virmani, and Gigi Edgley

‘Space Command’ Wants You!

Get involved and support, intelligent, creative, visionary science fiction!


Greetings friends! I just wanted to alert everyone to Doug Drexler’s latest project, Space Command! Now fundraising on, “Space Command” a series of three feature-length retro science fiction films. The project is helmed by Doug, Marc Zicree, and Neil Johnson and will harken back to the fantastical, high drama sci fi of yesteryear.  On a personal note, as I’ve blogged about in the past,  looking out on the current television and film landscape can be a harrowing experience for a science fiction fan.  One of this project’s objectives is to fill the gap and create forward-looking, inspiring stories.  I sure look forward to that.  If you’d like to help them out, learn more on!



Space Command is calling YOU!


Ben Alpi to Collaborate with Writer Edward Morgan on Sci Fi Project

From Ben: Happy New Year! I’m happy to announce that I’ll be working with writer Edward P. Morgan III on a yet-to-be-named science fiction film. Edward is a very talented prose writer that I met at Dragon*Con three years ago (along with his lovely wife Karen!) We got on immediately talking about novel writing and the many traps and snares set for writers these days. We come from very different backgrounds, yet have similar interests. We got to talking about screen writing, something Edward was very interested in learning about, and the seed was planted.

Edward writes, “It’s always a pleasure to work with (or just be around) someone who shares so many of the same creative interests and ideals. Since our first meeting, Ben has been a patient teacher regarding my (sometimes naive and simplistic) questions about the world of film, an alien landscape to me. His observations on storytelling continue to send me scrambling to remember all the pieces of writing theory I’ve once read. He has a quick and masterful eye. Attending a photography exhibition with him in January was like a lesson in lighting and framing in itself. I look forward to seeing where this journey will take us and how our different backgrounds will blend into a unified creative vision.”

I’ve been developing a new sci fi project over the winter and after Edward and I talked about it, we agreed a collaboration would be an exciting learning experience for both of us. Edward’s vision is so different from mine, I really think this will be a ton of fun. Tally-ho friends!

Read Edward Morgan!