Update: Runic’s Projects in Development

From Ben:

Sliding back into the writer’s chair has been a truly rewarding experience. I’ve never really stopped writing, but I’ve been inspired lately to flex those muscles anew. I’m happy to say that we have a bevy of cool stuff coming although, I can’t reveal many details!

My sci fi collaboration with writer Edward Morgan has been greatly successful. The story surrounds a soldier who is given the chance to assassinate the man responsible for his son’s murder and must decide whether or not to take the shot. The last draft I read from Edward was truly inspired. Edward’s unique eye is gritty and real. Love it.

A great western-with-a-twist that we’ve nicknamed Cowboy Creed is ready to shoot. More here. And expect to hear more about this short film about a young sheriff’s deputy very soon!

Also, I’ve been increasingly troubled by current events and have responded with an mixed medium short film script called Looking Up. It’s a deeply touching film about heroes and uses both animation and live action. More about that here.

As some of you know, I’m also deep into a feature script with screenwriter Thomas Mercer. About all I can tell you is it’s set in a future that never was—a “World of Tomorrow” paleo-sci fi genre piece in the Art Deco style complete with giant dirigibib, dririgid, di–zepplins. I can’t wait to share this one! A fantastic female scientist leads the cast and let me tell you, she really knocks those early 20th century stereotypes on their ears!

Lastly, Bob and I have been working on a super hero project which is really taking form. It’s a mythic coming-of-age story set in contemporary times.

The future is seriously bright folks. Stay attuned for more mythic goodness!

And don’t forget to check out my blog collaboration with comic book artist Rick Arthur, Captain America! Redefining Modern Myth! http://mythdiscussionseries.blogspot.com/

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