‘Space Command’ Wants You!

Get involved and support, intelligent, creative, visionary science fiction!


Greetings friends! I just wanted to alert everyone to Doug Drexler’s latest project, Space Command! Now fundraising on Kickstarter.com, “Space Command” a series of three feature-length retro science fiction films. The project is helmed by Doug, Marc Zicree, and Neil Johnson and will harken back to the fantastical, high drama sci fi of yesteryear.  On a personal note, as I’ve blogged about in the past,  looking out on the current television and film landscape can be a harrowing experience for a science fiction fan.  One of this project’s objectives is to fill the gap and create forward-looking, inspiring stories.  I sure look forward to that.  If you’d like to help them out, learn more on http://spacecommandmovie.com!



Space Command is calling YOU!


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